Study: Dogs Heart Rate Jumps When You Say “I Love You” To Them

A new study by Canine Cottage found that a dog's heart rate jumps 46.2% when you say, “I love you.”

When is the last time you told your dog that you love them? A study which came out recently found that dogs understand and physically respond to this adoring phrase. The Canine Cottage conducted the study which measured canine bodily reactions and found that dogs heart rates increased by 46.2% on average when told, “I love you.”

The scientists used devices to monitor the dogs’ pulses through a variety of activities. The researchers found that saying “I love you” to your dog excites the animal, resulting in an elevated heart rate. On the flip side, cuddling up with your pup has the inverse effect–calming their heart rate by 22.7% on average. The study also found that human heart rates increased by 10.4% when they saw their dogs, adding to the body of science explaining why dogs are mans best friend.

According to Canine Cottage:

“While a dog’s heart rate can shed light on its emotions, “love” probably means something slightly different to humans and dogs. Dogs lick faces, wag their tails, and jump on their owners with enthusiasm to demonstrate their love and loyalty. Humans offer belly rubs, head scratches, and chew toys as signs of devotion. But some expressions of love are not understood so easily across species. According to Canine Cottage, dogs do not maliciously chew and destroy their humans’ things. This frustrating behavior actually stems from a desire to calm themselves by chewing upon an object with their human’s delightful scent. This annoying behavior is really a mark of how much your dog loves you.”

You can find more puppy love facts on Canine Cottage’s website. And don’t forget to tell your pup you love them today and make their heart jump for joy.

Dogs recognize and become delighted by expressions of love, while cuddling and petting calm dogs and lower their heart rate.

Upon seeing a dog, humans heart races increase, showing that the biological reaction goes both ways. They truly are mans best friend.

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